Cycling in and around Seattle

Biking is one of our favorite ways to get around the city, whether we’re commuting to one of our offices, exercising, or just out to enjoy the PNW. We know it can also be a scary city to bike around, with lots of one-way streets and bicycles smaller than almost every other vehicle on the road.

While many communities in our area are making biking safer, bicycle accidents are still common.

Seattle’s safety measures don’t always prevent cycling injuries

While it’s encouraging to see the Seattle and other King County Cities and Washington State investing in safety infrastructure like: bike-only boxes in intersections, dedicated lanes, and special trails to connect neighborhoods; these features aren’t everywhere, and don’t always prevent bicycle accidents.  Serious and sometimes fatal injuries are common when a car, truck or bus hits a cyclist.

We’re experienced in handling biking accidents

So often, we see insurance companies jump at any chance to blame the cyclist for their own trauma. We’ve helped hundreds of clients through the process of dealing with insurance while recovering from severe bicycle accidents.

Our personal and professional experience gives us unique empathy and knowledge to help you through your case. Get a consultation today.