Neck and back injuries can be debilitating and painful

Neck and back pain are the top reasons people seek medical care in the state of Washington, and the biggest reason they miss work. It makes sense because neck and spinal damage can make even “simple,” daily tasks like sitting still or tying your shoe absolutely unbearable.

Even microscopic injuries can cause major damage

Discs, muscles, tissues, tendons and ligaments often get stretched or torn in an accident. In other situations, the extent of an injury and its effects may not be completely clear with x-rays and scans alone (something insurance companies frequently try to exploit). These types of situations require special expertise to prove the damage that was done.

Our knowledge sets us apart

With many years of study, working closely with our clients and their care teams; we understand the medical nuances of neck and back injuries. We’re well versed in both established and the latest technologies providers use to treat spine, disc, nerve, and bone damage. This knowledge sets us apart from other firms and we use it to facilitate the best and most efficient rehabilitation and recovery for our clients.