Attorney Melissa Carter

My background & credentials

I’ve never been willing to accept that some things in life just “aren’t fair,” or that “they are the way they are.” I’m hard wired to speak up when something isn’t just, to fight for what’s right and to fiercely protect the people I care for. This instinct is what led me to the law and now, as a mother and Partner at Adler Giersch, has defined my life’s calling.

After being rear-ended while merging onto interstate 405 near Seattle, Rachael was overwhelmed with the confusing process of insurance claims, especially while dealing with pain and frequent medical appointments. Hear how she leaned on our attorney team to navigate the insurance process, so she could focus on healing.

After graduating from UW and attending law school at Suffolk University in 1999, I was fired up to get into the courtroom, so I accepted a job as trial counsel for a prestigious insurance defense firm, defending large cases involving catastrophic injury, wrongful death and insurance coverage disputes. It was one of the best ways to build up courtroom experience, (something many attorneys don’t have), because we fought so many claims.

To succeed as an insurance attorney, I had to convince myself that every case I defended involved some level of fraud or exaggeration to justify my “win” for the insurance company (which always meant a loss to someone who was injured). I saw firsthand how insurance rules are stacked against victims. People who are hurt by someone else’s bad choices often get robbed of a fair shot because they simply don’t have the money and resources that the insurance companies do.

Seeking inspiration and meaning in my work, I looked to my hero Ani DiFranco who wisely said, “When you sit right down in the middle of yourself, you’re gonna wanna have a comfortable chair.” Then I took all that experience and knowledge of how insurance companies work and I switched sides. Almost instantly, I knew I was home.

How I care for my clients

Each case is unique with its own set of bends and curves, requiring that I rigorously prepare, that I guarantee accuracy in my legal analysis, and that I remain creative and open minded in my approach. What I can count on, and how I approach every case at the outset, is the understanding that every person who comes to me for help is incredibly vulnerable, often scared, grieving, broken and pained. They’re afraid of losing their homes, their jobs, their children, their independence. They never thought they’d need someone like me.

It’s hard to witness the grief, anger and frustration that my clients live with because of their injuries or loss. Knowing that good people have trusted me with their lives is the most cherished role I have, and when someone is counting on me, I won’t ever let them down. I consider myself very lucky that I get to do what I love every day: stand up for people, ensure access to health care, hold wrongdoers accountable, and restore dignity. It gives me great joy to see the relief in my clients’ faces once they know that I have their back.

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A few of the awards I’ve been honored to receive

Avvo Client Choice Award for Personal Injury
AVVO Superb Rating

Martindale-Hubbell 5 star rating

Washington's 100 Best Companies to Work For

How I’m serving our community

I’m grateful for the many opportunities I’ve had, and make it a point to teach my children the importance of giving back. When I’m not at the office, I spend my time volunteering with my family at various community events hosted by the Brain Injury Alliance of Washington. I also serve on the board of Chad’s Legacy Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of mental health public education and access to meaningful mental health services for at-risk youth.

I also devote time to advance women’s health rights at the local and national level.

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When I’m not at work, you can find me…

As a native Seattleite, I feel it is my duty to attend as many local rock shows as possible, and have passed this hobby on to my kids as well.  I have an alarming obsession with hot sauce.  I enjoy long distance running, yoga and reading.