Automobile Accidents

As congestion, port traffic and distracted drivers reach record highs in the Pacific Northwest, automobile accidents happen more and more often.

Small details can make a big difference in your case

Whether you’ve been in an automobile accident, hit by a commercial truck, or struck on your motorcycle or scooter, the resulting injuries can be life changing. How bad the injuries are depends on a variety factors: the speed of impact, the position of your body, the size the vehicles involved, and so much more.  Significant trauma can happen even at low rates of speed.

Our team of attorneys, experts, and resources are trained to uncover critical and often overlooked nuances that can turn out to be huge difference-makers in a case. We actively partner with those involved in your recovery (your family, loved ones, and your healthcare team) to help you regain your quality of life in a holistic way that’s as fast and as stress-free as we can make it.