Small details can make a big difference in your auto accident case

If you’ve been in an automobile accident, hit by a commercial truck, or struck on your motorcycle or scooter, the resulting injuries can be life changing. How bad the injuries are depends on a variety factors: the speed of impact, the position of your body, the size the vehicles involved, and so much more. Significant trauma can happen even at low rates of speed.

Our team of attorneys, experts, and resources are trained to uncover critical and often overlooked nuances in vehicle collisions that can turn out to be huge difference-makers in an auto accident case. We actively partner with those involved in your recovery (your family, loved ones, and your healthcare team) to help you regain your quality of life in a holistic way that’s as fast and as stress-free as we can make it.

What Should I Do After An Auto Accident?

Provide insurance information, take photos of the accident, and seek medical attention if you feel it is necessary.

What Shouldn’t I Do After An Auto Accident?

Do not admit fault, do not provide more information than what is required by law,

How Long Do I Have To File An Insurance Claim?

Washington State allows three years from the date of the accident to resolve all injury and property damage claims.

Do I Need An Attorney To Negotiate My Insurance Claim?

Not necessarily, but you should consult with an attorney to be aware of your rights and what remedies are available under the law.