Your insurance adjuster is not your friend

It may seem counterintuitive, but your own insurance company is not necessarily on your side. Denying their own clients’ claims is just one way that insurance companies make a profit. Many insurers reward their employees based on how much money they “save” the company, which can lead to deliberate withholding or stalling of the claims process, even when they know a claim is reasonable and valid, that your injuries are real, and that your need for medical care is clear. It’s as shady as it sounds.

What’s bad faith?

“Bad faith” is term used to describe an insurance company’s conduct when it acts in a way that violates its duties in your policy or state law. In Washington State, under laws like the Insurance Fair Conduct Act (also called IFCA), your insurance company has duties of good faith, fair dealing, and timeliness to you, their insured. Failing to meet these obligations can lead to a claim or lawsuit.

Our reputation and experience push insurers to fair compensation

Our experience and long-standing reputation makes insurance companies take notice and reconsider when we present them with a bad faith claim. We have uncommonly high success rates of cornering insurers into acting fairly.

If you suspect your insurance company is acting unfairly, get in touch with our team.