• People out of Seattle think that we are a bike-friendly city, but recent stats show Seattle bike riders going down in record numbers. More people riding bikes, plus more drivers texting and not paying attention: it’s not a good equation for the cyclists.

    My work as an attorney involves representing those with very bad injuries, often including those that result from a car hitting a cyclist. I routinely review police reports and talk to witnesses who indicate that the driver was distracted by texting. Despite independent eye-witnesses of texting while driving, officers will very, very rarely will give a citation to the driver. Does show a bias against cyclists?

    Also, how strange is it for The Seattle City Council to contract with bicycle-share businesses that provides bicycles for anyone to hop on and ride around the city without restrict, but does not provide helmets? That is a true head-scratcher. Life-altering brain injuries requiring permanent, lifetime care occur when a car and bicycle meet on the road. Why are we not mandating helmet safety for rented bicycles (or any bike use) and enforcing it?

    One more thing: our newly dedicated bike lanes and corresponding traffic lights can be confusing for drivers, making it more dangerous for all involved, instead of less.


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