Pedestrian accidents are becoming more common in the PNW

How many times have you seen cars and buses speed through crosswalks or whip around corners without even noticing you? Foot, car, bus traffic along with distracted and speeding drivers have skyrocketed while our roads, transit system and protective measures struggle to keep up. It’s a “perfect storm” that has brought record high injuries and deaths.

Insurance companies blame pedestrians

If you’ve been hit while on-foot, the insurance process can be especially tricky. We frequently see cases where insurance companies try to blame pedestrians for being hit. There are many unwritten rules and layers of coverage that aren’t always obvious.

We help untangle the process so you’re protected and can focus on getting better.

What Are The Chances Of A Pedestrian Being Hit By A Car?

The City of Seattle has an average of 20 crosswalk fatalities and 150 serious injuries annually.

What Happens If You Hit A Pedestrian Not In A Crosswalk?

A driver may still be at fault, even if a pedestrian is not crossing in a marked crosswalk.