Our greatest success comes from knowing our clients are taken care of physically, emotionally, and financially.
Here are a few recent examples of cases we’ve worked on and the case outcomes.

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$3.1 million settlement for client that had a severe traumatic brain injury that required surgery after a rear-end collision. Our client was left unable to work after his long recovery and this settlement provided him and his family with financial security, as well as help with life care needs at home.

$1,300,000.00 verdict at trial for clients who were injured in the Ride the Ducks crash on Hwy 99 in 2015. The jury saw fit to award our clients for the incredibly difficult emotional and traumatic ordeal they had to go through because Ride the Ducks refused to spend a small amount of money to fix an axle problem.

$2,000,000.00 settlement at mediation for a client whose Metro bus was hit by a construction crane. After the insurance company involved claimed our client hadn’t suffered a traumatic brain injury, we proved otherwise, and helped our client get the medical care she needed and economic setbacks from loss of time at work.

$1,750,000.00 settlement for a client who was a passenger in a rollover crash. The driver of the vehicle had left a party where alcohol was being provided to underage children. We held the driver responsible for his actions and the adult individual who was allowing minors to consume alcohol at his home.

$1,250,000.00 settlement for a client whose mild traumatic brain injury and complex foot/ankle injury forced her to leave her career in the healthcare field in her 40’s.

$500,000.00 settlement after our client suffered a traumatic brain injury from a motor vehicle collision. When the insurance companies involved tried to argue that our client “didn’t seem hurt” and that it was “only a mild traumatic brain injury”, we were able to show the many ways her very real brain injury had impacted her life.

$300,000.00 settlement for our client, a bicyclist, who was struck by a motor vehicle. The driver of the vehicle wrongfully claimed they had the right of way, and that our client was “going too fast”. Case results like this have helped keep our street safer for bicyclists.

$1 million settlement for a client in a Rideshare vehicle whose spine was seriously injured in a collision. Handling a Rideshare case has its own set of rules, and in this case, we were able to help our client pay for her past medical bills and also plan for her future medical needs due to her injuries.

$525,000.00 settlement for our college student with a history of multiple brain surgeries as a child to remove a brain tumor. The car collision damaged his brain even further. We proved our client’s traumatic brain injury from the crash was not the result of his tumor as a child, as the insurance companies and their doctors argued.

$287,000.00 settlement for our 58 year-old retired client who was injured in a head-on collision and had to undergo hand surgeries.

$400,000.00 settlement for a client who was hurt after another driver made an illegal u-turn while our client was driving his car home from work. Our client had to have back surgery because of his injuries, but the case result helped him get back on his feet financially.

Confidential settlement on behalf of surviving adult son when his mother died instantly when struck by a car. The case settled without having to put our client’s family through a lawsuit.

Over $1 million settlement for a client who was involved in a motor vehicle collision and developed a rare medical condition: Burning Mouth Syndrome. We were able to show through medical evidence how the collision did cause this medical condition after doctors hired by the insurance company said the condition could not possibly have been caused by the crash.

$300,000.00 settlement for a young college student-athlete who was a passenger in a vehicle that lost control on an icy highway and struck an oncoming vehicle head-on.

$650,000.00 settlement of a lawsuit stemming from a case in which a mother was hurt by a careless We successfully proved that our client’s prior back problems were different and weren’t the reason for her injuries and her surgery after the crash.

$250,000.00 settlement for a client who was walking in a crosswalk but was still hit by a tow truck whose driver wasn’t paying attention.

$315,000.00 settlement after a drunk driver hit our client’s car, causing her to have back surgery. Despite our client’s history of back problems, we were able to prove that her injuries from the car crash were completely different, forcing the insurance company to settle the case.

$400,000.00 settlement for a client who had been very active before being seriously injured in a motor vehicle collision. Our client had been a self-employed landscaper, volunteer firefighter, and Boy Scout troop master before his low back injuries. The case result helped him start a new career in his late 30’s.

$230,000.00 settlement in a case where our client suffered a tear in her hip from a multi-vehicle crash. This case involved many parties and ended up in a lawsuit. However, we were able to get the case resolved before our client ever had to go to court.