• No seriously, what are you looking at? If you’re driving, are you looking at the road, or are you catching up on your favorite blog and texting your spouse about dinner? The unfortunate fact of the matter is that the number of people using their phones while driving is increasing to epidemic levels. A recent study found that Washington drivers spend an average of 5 percent of their commute time on the phone, which had increased by 37 percent over the past year. Phone use while driving peaks between 3 pm and 6 pm, when over 73 percent of drivers are looking at their devices while on their evening commute.

    We all seem to know, though, that distracting driving is extremely dangerous. Studies tell us it is just as dangerous as driving while intoxicated. And just as with DUI laws, stricter regulations concerning the use of mobile devices behind the wheel are important, but they simply are not enough. So please, don’t be an idiot. For your own sake and the safety of all of us out there, put down the phone and watch the road.


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