• Zackery Lystedt, his parents Victor and Mercedes, and the Brain Injury Association of Washington’s Board Chairman, Richard H. Adler, will be guests on the morning talk show ‘New Day Northwest’ on King 5 Tuesday, August 3rd at 11:00am.  TV Host Margaret Larson will lead the discussion on the 2009 ground breaking legislation, the Zackery Lystedt Law, concussions, youth athletes, and how to prevent preventable brain injuries.  Currently there are seven other states that have enacted similar-Lystedt Laws, including Massachusetts this past week.  Even the NFL, through its Commissioner Roger Goodell, has mailed letters to the Governor of every non-Lystedt Law State urging its enactment to prevent preventable brain injuries and make youth sports safer.

    Zackery Lystedt was the then 13-year old middle school football play in October 2006 that had a concussion in a game, was removed from the competition, and then returned to play prematurely in the same game.  Moments after the game ended he collapsed on the field and was airlifted to Harborview Medical Center for life saving surgery.

    Mr. Adler spearheaded the legislative drive in Washington as the then-President of the Brain Injury Association of Washington.  He also served as one of the lead attorneys for the Lystedts.

    The Brain Injury Association of Washington is determined that no one who has survived a brain injury or been affected by another person’s injury should have to face their condition alone.  Their mission is to increase public awareness, support, and hope for those affected by brain injury through education, assistance, and advocacy. For more information visit www.braininjurywa.org.

    New Day Northwest is hosted by Margaret Larsen and airs Monday through Friday at 11:00am on King 5 News.  ‘New Day’ focuses on bringing useful, uplifting, and positive information about local Northwest people, activities, and interests that make Washington the best place to live.


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