• Gary Shipe and Richard H. Adler

    Gary Shipe of Sandusky Radio interviewed Richard H. Adler on September 13, 2009.  Mr. Adler was interviewed for his work with The Brain Injury Association of Washington as the former President of the Board.  He now serves as the Chair of the Executive Committee.

    Brain Injury can run the gamut from concussion to coma. Those living with Brain Injury have to find new ways to get through daily life; simple things taken for granted by the rest of us can be huge new hurdles for some. Discussed is the recently passed Lystedt Law (largely driven by the BIAWA) and its impact on youth sports safety.

    The Brain Injury Association of Washington (BIAWA) is hosting the 3rd Annual BIAWA Gala Dinner and Benefit Auction on November 14, 2009 at the Grand Hyatt in Seattle.  The Gala serves as the major source of funding for the BIAWA. Learn more about the Brain Injury Association of Washington online at www.biawa.org


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