Arthur D. Leritz

Mi pasado y credenciales

Aunque Arthur Leritz no habla español, tenemos miembros de nuestro equipo que hablan español, dirigido por abogado Steven J. Anglés, que podrán asegurar que comunicaciones sobre su reclamo serán fáciles.

My friends (lovingly) rib me about having an overdeveloped sense of duty. It’s been with me since I was a kid. It’s what led me to join the Navy right out of school and later, to become an attorney. I’ve been practicing since 1999. Knowing I get to help people and serve my community is what gets me up in the morning (and keeps me up late plenty of nights too).

Carol, from Newcastle, WA shares what it meant to work with our attorney team after suffering brain, neck and back injuries in a car accident on I-5 just outside Seattle.

I had hefty debt after graduating from UW and Willamette University College of Law, so I took the first job that came my way – as counsel for an insurance defense firm. After a while, I realized the only thing I was “helping” was the company’s bottom line. Worse, I was hurting people by looking for ways to deny coverage, leaving them with no way to pay bills, get ongoing treatment or recover.

While working for the insurance company, I had a case against a lawyer who was representing an injured person. Over the course of the case, I watched him with his client. That person was Paul Giersch and after meeting him, I knew what I needed to do and where I needed to be.

I can’t say I look back at my time working for the insurance company with fond memories, but I’m grateful because it made me a better advocate for my clients. I’m armed with the knowledge of the industry’s inner workings and I get to use it to protect my clients from being victimized by a system that was never really built to help them.

Cómo sirvo as mis clientes

As a partner at Adler Giersch, I specialize in litigation which means I work with serious and substantial cases where the insurance company or at fault party refuses to settle. These cases require in-depth and extremely detailed preparation as well as the creative problem solving and stamina to take a case all the way to trial.

I want to make sure my clients are not only skillfully represented, but also well taken care of during such a stressful time in their lives. I always keep them informed on what’s happening while fighting my absolute hardest all the way to the finish line on their case.

Algunos de los premios que me han honrado recibir

Fotografía de abogado Arthur Leritz
Arthur helps kick off the Walk Like MADD fundraiser for Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

Cómo estoy sirviendo a nuestra comunidad

After a drunk driver killed one of our close family members, I realized the only constructive thing I could do was to find a way to fight back and try to spare other families in the community from going through this type of pain. I began working with the Snohomish County DUI/Target Zero Task Force with a goal of eliminating traffic deaths in Washington by 2030. I’m also a past state advisory member of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD).

Abogado Arthur Leritz en su camioneta
Arthur waves to the crowds at the Seattle Pride Parade from the driver’s seat of the Volkswagen he recently restored. He hauled supplies for the Adler Giersch volunteers who marched in support of equality.

Cuando no estoy en el trabajo, puedes encontrarme….

Spending time with my family. My wife, Desiree and I are high school sweethearts and have been together since 1989. We didn’t have any kids of our own until we gained custody of our then-9-year-old nephew, Christopher, back in 2012. Together, we’re always into some sort of home improvement project or rebuilding (and rebuilding) old Volkswagens.