• We are writing to advise you about something very important regarding the upcoming Court of Appeals Judicial Election (Division 1).  Many folks have called our office recently to ask about this election.

    Here’s the scoop on both candidates:

    Support Judge Michael Spearman for re-election for the Division I Court of Appeals. Judge Spearman has shown himself to make principled rulings; is endorsed by over 90 judges, including every Supreme Court Justice; and is rated “exceptionally well qualified” by the King County Bar Association. He previously served on the King County Superior Court after coming from a career as a public defender and private practice attorney.  As the Seattle Times wrote, “His re-election to the Court of Appeals, Division 1, Position 2, should be a no-brainer.”

    Oppose Henry Choi. He has almost NO legal experience in Washington and has received admonishment from the King County Bar Association because of his conduct and behavior.  He is alleged to have consistently violated campaign finance laws, and appears to be running in part because of an adverse decision Judge Spearman wrote relating to his own divorce case.

    Remember that you can turn in your ballot until 8 PM tomorrow at your nearest ballot dropbox.


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