• So you have your bicycle helmet, a good bike and you are good to go, right? Well, not quite.  Just like with your car, there are often over looked critical components for your safety; making sure your bike is in good working order is one.  When was the last time you took your bike to a good mechanic?  Are you properly trained to do routine maintenance on your bicycle?  One important task for good maintenance is checking your tire pressure often.  Bicycle tires lose a little air every day.  Keep a tire gauge near your bicycle at all times and check pressure before riding.    Underinflated tires are unsafe as they can wobble or even come off the rim when taking a tight corner. Before riding, take a few moments to turn each wheel and look for bulges, debris, bubbles, and spots they inner casing may show through.  Bicycle tires are more prone to certain types of flats, and make your bike less efficient.  An overinflated tire is going to give you a harder road feel, can cause a loss of traction in the corners and is more likely to be damaged by road hazards.


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