• Pushing Boundaries Luncheon
    Stories of success thanks to Pushing Boundaries

    Last Wednesday May 10, some folks from our office went to a fundraising lunch for Pushing Boundaries, held at the Mercer Island Community Center. It was our third year attending, and not the last.

    Pushing Boundaries is a local exercise-based therapy center that provides out-of-the-box rehab for people with spinal chord damage or injuries. It was a heartwarming and emotional hour, with speeches from a handful of the clinic’s patients who have benefited from the approach of Pushing Boundaries. They have a unique and powerful mission to never give up on their patients and always strive for more steps in recovery, however big or small. Their name is completely appropriate – they push the boundaries of traditional rehab and recovery.

    The lunch is an annual event for Pushing Boundaries, and it is a critical fundraiser for them. After all, most people with such injuries or functional limitations do not have the resources to continuously receive top-notch treatment on an indefinite basis. Many are not in an economic position to do so even from the beginning, after perhaps losing consistent employment, or after the exorbitant hospital and specialist costs incurred after they were diagnosed. And yet, how important is ongoing rehabilitation with such an injury! And what potential is there for improvement if people are simply given an opportunity and pushed to try as hard as they can, for as long as they are willing! Pushing Boundaries reduces its charges for treatment for its patients considering these very real factors, but they still needs help from the community to continue to provide this needed service.

    We are all on board at Adler Giersch. What an important cause, and we will be attending and donating every year.

    To donate to Pushing Boundaries or if you know someone who could benefit from this type of rehab, check out their website:


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