• According to the National Safety Council, 1 in 8 drivers will be involved in a motor vehicle collision each year.

    Chances are great that the “one” is either you or someone you know, and traumatic injuries often result. For many, the injuries can be long term or life altering. Those with traumatic injuries have to confront the realities of their injuries, changes to their daily activities, dealing with insurance companies who likely have conflicting interests, adjusting to economic losses, and getting traction onto the road to physical, emotional and financial recovery.

    From Injury to Action provides the background and information you will need to stay ahead of insurance companies trying to take advantage of you as they protect their profits at your expense. And whatever your injury, you will learn about the likely cause of your pain, your treatment options, and strategies to put you in the best position to reach an optimal outcome for your health and financial recovery.

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