• Let’s say you‘re a citizen outside of the U.S., and your adult child visits Washington state. The child dies because of someone else’s negligence, like a drunk driver, also known as a wrongful death claim. Now your grandchildren are left without a parent, and you without a child. You might want to try and pursue a legal case for their death and for your loss, right? Well, there’s probably nothing you can do about it. A Washington State law from 1917 that’s shockingly still valid today says non-U.S. citizens can’t pursue these types of claim.  Plus, the family member wanting to file the case has to have been financially dependent on the one who died. Crazy, right? Fortunately, on February 10 of this year the Washington state Senate voted in favor of getting rid of this law, finding it was outdated and discriminatory. Now, it goes to the state House of Representatives for similar debate, and a vote. If you’re as outraged about this law as we have always been, contact your Representative and let them know it’s way past time to lay this law to rest.


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