What to do after an auto collision?

Automobile Accidents


November 10, 2010

The moments after a collision can be terrifying.  Often times those involved in the auto collision do not know what to do, who to call, want information to exchange.  It’s a key for all parties of the collision to record accurate information about the accident, injuries, witness, damage, etc.  This information is needed to file a claim with insurance companies and move forward to financial, physical and emotional recovery.  Here are some helpful tips on what do to after a collision.

Stop Immediately

  • Stop as close as safely possible to the auto collision site

Take Care of the injuries

  • Check drivers and passengers for injuries.
  • Call 911. Report the collision, location, and any injuries.
  • Do not move injured persons; wait until medical personnel arrive.

Cooperate with Police

  • Remain at the collision scene until an officer arrives.
  • Tell the officer how the collision occurred.

Take Notes for your File

  • Record the names, addresses, and phone numbers of all drivers, passengers, and witnesses.
  • Make notes about all significant circumstances.
  • Take photos of your car, your injuries, and the other vehicles.

When to Leave the Scene

  • Do not leave the collision scene until you have completed the above steps and the officer gives you permission to go.
  • If you are transported from the site by ambulance, ask a witness, passenger, or friend to complete the above steps for you.