• SEATTLE, WA – In a surprise move May 27, 2009 at the Annual American College of Sports Medicine convention , Dr. Stan Herring presented Richard Adler with an award for his service and dedication to the Heads Up program and the Lysted legislation. Richard Adler became the first non- ASCM member to receive an award in the organizations history. Richard Adler shared the award with the Lystedt family for their joint dedication and efforts to help prevent devastating injuries to other young athletes were instrumental in getting the ground breaking Lystedt law passed in Washington state.

    Richard Adler also spoke to doctors and therapists from all over the country at a news conference for the attendees at the Annual American College of Sports Medicine convention. The focus of the talk was on the Heads Ups program, as well as how to pass a youth sports and concussion law similar to the new Washington State law in other states. Dr. Stanley Herring and the Lystedt family also spoke.


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