Can I afford an attorney?

August 11, 2017

Yes. We understand that most people can’t afford to shell out a large sum of money from their own pocket for an attorney. That’s why we structure our fee on a contingency basis. A contingency fee agreement means we don’t get paid unless your case is completed and you get a settlement.  Our fee is typically 1/3 of the overall settlement.

Apart from the attorney fee, there can be additional costs associated with hiring an attorney. These costs are necessary to develop the evidence to support your claim, and include requesting medical records from your providers, collecting your employment records and police reports, conducting investigations on the facts of your case, copy charges, and meeting with your doctors. Your attorney should look to recover the costs of the case in the final result. Because there are costs involved in hiring an attorney, this is something we consider when advising you whether or not you need to hire one.  We’ll only recommend hiring an attorney if the potential benefits and costs of doing so make smart financial sense for you.