I highly recommend Richard Adler and his team for whatever personal injury needs you may have.

I was rear ended by a drunk driver and though my car sustained minimal damage, I sustained a torn rotator cuff. Richard was honest with me from the very first conversation. From that first conversation, through the recent, successful outcome Richard and his staff where attentive, honest and always put my wellbeing first and foremost. I appreciated that they kept me informed every step of the way. They had answers for me before I had the questions. After every surgery Richard and his staff checked with me to see how I was and reassure me that things fine and were being handled. All I had to worry about was recovery.

Richard and the staff were successful at crossing every T and dotting every I. They built a solid case with no holes. This resulted in a successful outcome without going to court.

There is only problem that I can identify and that is that I won’t be meeting with Richard and his staff on a regular basis.

I cannot recommend Richard Adler and his team highly enough.  Intelligent, professional and compassionate is an amazing combination.