Tina Torres

Richard Adler changed my life to be liveable again! He is without exception the most excellent and compassionate Personal Injury advocate with whom I ever had the pleasure of working. He is caring and understands the difficulties involved in sustaining oneself and one’s family during a period of major pain, surgeries, absences from work, sudden high expenses and less income, all while dealing with the nasty intricacies of an insurance case. He is a master at his work, always focused on doing and being the best he can be, and focused on providing the best service for his clients.

If you like to read on, here is a little bit about how my case developed: I was rear-ended in a car accident by a very fast moving vehicle. I sustained a lot of soft tissue-whiplash type injuries, but unfortunately, unbeknownst to anyone, I also herniated a disk severely. Initially, I tried dealing with the situation personally, through my family doctor, physical therapy, and chiropractic care. I had (Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage from my auto insurance, which I thought – as one would – should cover the initial doctors’ bills. They paid – up until the point that I had to have neck surgery. At that point my own insurance decided they had paid enough, though didn’t give me such decision, and just prolonged the process of payment and decisions with lots of red tape. However, as is the rule in my state, my health insurer through my work would not pay until the PIP insurance was exhausted. As I had no way of proving that (they simply dragged things out), I was caught between insurers with thousands of dollars in medical bills and no way to move forward.

This is when I found Richard, who was referred to me by a friend. First off, Richard was reachable immediately. No long wait or “we can talk to you in about a month or two”. A quick intake questionnaire with one of the highly competent Adler Giersch assistants, and I had an initial meeting with Richard within a day. I had interviewed several other attorneys and I work in the legal field, and even initially was I was quite impressed with Richard’s approach and very professional, yet caring demeanor. The meeting covered many details of the case, of my injuries (including a first surgery that was unsuccessful), and the probability of Richard’s involvement in the case helping to move it forward. He was quite straight with me that not every case is improved by a lawyer’s involvement (e.g. property damage only cases) – some cases are more costly with an attorney that without, while not leading to different results. This impressed me as very ethical.

However, in my case, there were so many complications that Richard took my case. What a blessing this was for me and my family! Richard took over dealing with the red tape, always keeping me informed and explaining even the most complex situations in a clear and concise way to make them easily understood. Initially, it was hard for me – a type A personality – to let go and let someone else take care of the direction of what to do. However, Richard put me at ease immediately by saying that he would not only keep me informed and advising me on the issues, but never make a decision without my input.

He clearly explained to me the approximate timeline from the beginning and showed me the steps and the reasons for the steps. He never promised anything he couldn’t keep, but he did forecast the steps and direction with an accuracy that comes only from major experience (or a crystal ball). His initial forecast was that it would take approximately 2 years for the case to settle all around, assuming it didn’t go to trial (which he didn’t think it would – and he was right once again). He was compassionate about my injuries and about my frustration that things took such a long time. He helped me navigate the medical jargon and medical networks, so that I could find the best doctors for my care.

Richard navigated the case from the beginning as if “we were preparing for trial”, which meant that we all worked hard to have all of the ducks in a row at any given point in time. During verbal or written communications with opposing parties, this fact clearly came across and worked in our favor. Richard never got “rattled” – he stayed calm no matter what tactics the other side(s) tried. He had seen many of these tactics in his 25+ years of practice and understood clearly why they were employed and how to counter them. He is an expert in dealing with personal injury cases and the “dark side” of the insurance industry. Furthermore, he is a master negotiator and probably could sell the proverbial refrigerator to an Eskimo.

Much credit also goes to his assistant MaryEllen – the queen of documents. As you can imagine, in two years a lot of paper or electronic material accumulated, and MaryEllen knew at any given point in time which documents were where, what was missing or complete, or any other status.

With some smaller victories along the way (e.g. getting the PIP problem straightened out), my case settled finally, and for the maximum possible, almost exactly two years after Richard stepped in to help. I cannot explain the elation and almost disbelief that came with the settlement – not for the money, but simply that through Richard’s help we got there! There is absolutely no way that I could have reached this point without Richard’s guidance, advocacy, tenacity, and expertise! If you need a PI attorney, Richard Adler is the man!

Tina Torres