Julia [posted on Yelp.com]

My husband, son, and I were rear-ended in my Camry last Halloween (2014). I called 911 before I got out of our car and within a few days, all of us had been medically checked, with both adults suffering damage to our necks. It was clear to me even though I’ve never been in an accident before that it was relatively serious and I had no idea how to proceed. The other driver was a 19-year old from Oregon driving a borrowed $90,000 car… that also made me nervous that it might be hard to deal with them.

A friend recalled an accident 20 years ago (!!) and she had great things to say about Adler Giersch, so I called them. From the very first phone call (answered by a real person, with knowledge and genuine concern) through today, everyone at the firm has been great. We were assigned to Melissa Carter, who specializes in the kinds of injuries we had, and she gave me good advice from our very first conversation. She helped me immensely, even before I decided to hire her because of complications caused by an uninsured driver and the significant medical expenses I was facing for needed neck surgery.

I never felt like she was in it for the money. Melissa called and checked on me when she knew I had significant doctor appointments and I felt genuinely cared about, which mattered to me a great deal; I’ve had medical procedures before but nothing with my spine, and I was really worried about permanent disability and all the ramifications of my injuries. She also always took the time to explain all the possible options, with her experience leading her to recommend a path that was likely to lead to the best outcome. When I emailed her at night or even on the weekend to provide a detail, she responded quickly… she was always “on” and immediately responded to my questions. Awesome!

Melissa and Rachael worked hard to get my settlement quickly, which meant that I got to keep a lot more of what little money there was to get. They made sure that the medical bills were sorted out and paid bills before they got any money from the involved insurance companies, meaning that nothing went to collections. She also has helped my husband, whose case is simpler and probably doesn’t require representation.

I hope to never need Melissa’s help again 🙂 but if I do, I will call Adler Giersch without hesitation.

Julia [posted on Yelp.com]