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Last year, a driver fell asleep at the wheel and struck my daughter’s car head-on. She had a bad cut and abrasion on her head, and an extremely bad break in her ankle. Her wrist was fractured, as well.
My husband and I were alarmed by our daughter’s description of the other driver’s behavior, making us believe he might not be a stand up kind of guy. We realized our daughter’s injuries were such that she would have a potentially bad facial scar and a lifetime of dealing with the extensive damage to her ankle. Thankfully, the other driver carried insurance, but we were concerned because he had the same insurance carrier we have. It stands to reason that the insurance company might be more concerned with protecting itself, as opposed to looking out for our daughter’s best interest. Hence, the search for a lawyer.
We consulted with three lawyers and Richard Adler seemed the obvious choice, though ultimately, it was to be my daughter’s call. I think it fair to say that she was impressed with Mr. Adler’s calm, friendly, approach. He outlined an anticipated progression of events, and a realistic potential financial outcome.
We never would have been able to navigate our way, on our own, through what can be a complicated process. We did not have the knowledge or familiarity of the insurance process to have known how to gain the maximum outcome for our daughter. Richard Adler and his staff handled it all with professionalism, and in a timely and pleasant manner. I believe they did all that was possible on her behalf. Also, it was hugely helpful and stress relieving to have Mr. Adler’s staff handling communications with the insurance companies (both car and medical), and dealing with payments to medical providers.
He and his staff had the foresight, and took the time, to give our daughter some great advice about not engaging in careless spending and considering investments instead. They also recommended she keep her financial situation private in order to avoid being asked to lend money, something that might not have occurred to us.
Hopefully, we will never require Mr. Adler’s services again, but I would not hesitate to utilize them, if needed, and I would heartily recommend him to anyone with a similar need.