Lauren E. Adler

Lauren E Adler Attorney at Law

Lauren E. Adler graduated with honors in 2012 from Seattle University School of Law and was admitted to the Washington State Bar that same year.

Ms. Adler is a lifelong Washingtonian, born in Seattle. She attended Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington, earning a combined Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Studies and Politics. As an undergraduate student, Ms. Adler was active in developing, implementing and sustaining environmental policies on campus, and was an active and contributing member in various community groups with global environmental missions such as climate change prevention, sustainable growth for developing countries, and promotion of local environmental awareness. Her enthusiasm for environmentalism continued into law school, where she was elected President of the Environmental Law Society. As president, Ms. Adler led local and global awareness campaigns on campus, successfully converting the school’s printers to enable double-sided printing, and raising funds to aid the people of Somalia suffering from severe drought.

During law school, Ms. Adler discovered a deep interest for, and developed remarkable skill in courtroom advocacy. In addition to being selected to serve as a board member of Seattle University’s Moot Court Board for two consecutive years, Ms. Adler also became a distinguished participant in local and regional mock trial competitions, frequently advancing to final rounds. Ms. Adler was also selected and invited to join the Seattle University Law Review, the school’s most prestigious and exclusive legal journal. She ultimately advanced to the coveted Lead Article Editor position, critiquing and readying articles written by law professors and skilled attorneys for final publication. Ms. Adler was further recognized for her written advocacy skills when selected by Judge Ronald Leighton of the federal United States District Court for a summer externship, and for whom Ms. Adler drafted many of the court’s opinions and rulings.

While her decision to become an attorney was inspired by her passion for the environment, Ms. Adler soon recognized this enthusiasm as a broader desire to promote positive social change and help the disadvantaged in need of an advocate and to make a difference in the lives of people without a voice. Prior to joining ADLER ♦ GIERSCH PS, Ms. Adler served as a trial advocacy and litigation attorney for the Washington State Office of the Attorney General, representing Children’s Administration in actions to protect children from abuse and neglect. As Assistant Attorney General practicing child welfare litigation on behalf of abused children, Ms. Adler handled eleven trials, countless hearings, and made three appearances at the Washington State Court of Appeals for oral argument. She immediately became recognized by judges, attorneys and within the Office of the Attorney General as a compassionate, talented and immensely prepared and skilled trial attorney that will not back down for her client.

Supported by the guidance and mentorship provided by her colleagues and staff at Adler Giersch, Ms. Adler continues her mission to advocate for those who need a level playing field when dealing with insurers who do not accept responsibility to make the injured person whole again.

Ms. Adler is member of the Washington State Bar Association, the King County Bar Association, the Washington State Association for Justice, and the Brain Injury Alliance of Washington.

Ms. Adler is an avid yogi and cyclist. She enjoys time with family and friends, time in the sun and experimenting in the kitchen. She lives in Seattle.

After my accident, one exercise that I performed in assessment of my brain injury was one in which you must instantly blurt out any words that come to mind when prompted with a verbal word or phrase. Let’s try “Lawyer”; I imagine it to be true that at least some percentage of the population might expose their distrust of lawyers by blurting at least one something of negative connotation.

At one time, I would have included myself, but it was about to change on February 17th, 2015 when a driver with a suspended license borrowed a car, later causing an accident by making a hasty and illegal maneuver. Just after my accident (after I had tried, without success, to square off against Progressive, American Family, and Premera and started experiencing mental decline) it is true that I scoured Avvo, Yelp, Google, and much of any other such place you might look (and thus have come back to post this review in those places), and even originally chose a most unfortunate lawyer through word of mouth — he charmed me with his soothing introductory consultation, but he did not fit my case and I made effort to keep looking while he interestingly made me think my time was not worth the pennies I would be paying in wagons-full.

Now, having had some time to heal, if you prompted me in the same Neuropsychological exercise with “Lauren Adler?”, it would encourage sure responses, such as “Friendly”, “Warm”, “Encouraging”, “Transparent”, “Honest”, “Realistic”, “Reassuring”, “Stable”, “Secure”, “Fierce”, “Persistent”, “Accessible”, “Accommodating”, “Understanding”, “Knowledgable”, “Flexible”, “Efficient”, “Available”, “Communicative”, “Connected”, “Empathetic”, “Supportive”. The firm’s, including Lauren’s, knowledge and sometimes personal experience with insurance companies reassured me that they were not only familiar with the black and white of insurance documents, policies, and paperwork… but in identifying the grey tactics those companies use to leverage false power over accident victims in order to act in their own interest. And for Lauren, leveling the playing field between insurers and victims is a mission that she advocates for with fierceness.

As well, I was especially won over by Lauren and Adler Giersch’s incredible involvement in the medical and injury prevention & support community. I knew about it when I was researching, knowing that the accident had caused unique injuries (CRPS, disability); it made my choice in lawyer very important in that they had to be very medically knowledgable to understand and convey the extent of my injuries. Lauren, I later found, was actually familiar with several of my care facilities, programs, and coordinators, and it gave me instant relief.

Finally, I must say that accessibility and communication was a huge factor for me, and I am pleased to say that she was not only available at all times, herself, for my questions and concerns, but she made routine updates to let me know that she was still actively making progress on my case. This is an important part of how Lauren shows that you are working as a team, and that she is not leaving you alone in the dark, waiting for an answer. I was even offered guidance and assistance to find local support resources, as well as references and advice.

Lauren had kept me realistic, but ended up executing our goals at the maximum that we could, so I literally could not subtract a single point from her performance… though if I were at spear-tip and had to be critical of one thing, it would be as laughable as that there was a typo one time in an email she sent me. Seriously, you can stop looking around, you have the one right here.

Karen [posted on]

Lauren changed my perception of personal injury practice. I was hesitant to seek out a personal injury attorney, but one conversation with Lauren put me at ease. From the beginning she has been an outstanding counselor and advocate, not only in her handling of my legal issues but also in helping me stay emotionally grounded through it all. Lauren is smart, compassionate, professional, and an all around excellent attorney. I hope I never have to go through something like this again, but I know that if I do, I will call Lauren immediately.

Michelle [Posted on]

Lauren Adler was there for me every step of my journey. She truly made me feel like I was her only client. She was such an amazingly strong advocate for me with the insurance companies and my settlement far exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend Lauren to anyone in need of an attorney. She is the best there is when it comes to knowledge of laws, compassion and being there for her client.

Renee [posted on]

I came to the law firm of Adler Giersch on the recommendation of an experienced massage therapist who was trying to help me with back and leg pain from a car accident. I ended up deciding at the 11th hour to file a personal injury suit because I was continuing after two and a half years to still have pain and wanted to make sure I had additional money to continue treatment. I was told that they would have to work at record speed because I was coming in so late. Lauren took my case. She was professional, thorough, empathtic, warm, thoughtful and positive. She worked hard on my case, kept me abreast of what was occurring, and was great about getting back to me when I had a question. I think I got a reasonable settlement ( though I don’t know what people normally get) that will help me continue to get treatment. I think she is someone you can trust and I think she works hard for her clients and really cares. This is my first experience with an attorney, but I would use her again without hesitation. She did a great job.

Beverly [Posted on]