Dear Arthur & Debbie

That accident was a significant setback in my life.  Your skill and effort have provided a significant help in my moving forward.  You have been ever professional, but also consistently kind, responsive, encouraging, and even fun.  Thank you for much for your help to me.  Of course I will be referring anyone I know in need of your excellent services.  Wishing both all the best.

Ian [posted on Google]

My experience with Adler Giersch has been beyond my wildest expectations. Absolute game-changer. After I was rear ended by a semi truck I was out of work for quite a while and with my injury returning to work wasn’t any easier. While I was healing and trying to get my life back Richard Adler and MaryEllen Bolden handled my case beyond what I could have expected. They made sure that everything was taken care of and it allowed me to focus on healing. They kept me informed so I wasn’t left wondering. I didn’t know this at the time but I’m sure things went so smoothly because I had hired the best Attorney on the West Coast if not the entire country. They know what they are doing, and aren’t afraid to show you that they care about you too. As a family man I am forever grateful for what Richard and MaryEllen have done for me and my family.

Jason [posted on]

I was victim  involved in a horrific, devastating, disfiguring fire incident directly caused by a single persons negligence. After a phone call to Adler Giersch, Melissa Carter was at my bed side that evening (9th floor Harbor View Burn ICU).  She is simply the best. Melissa never left our side after that first meeting. Without Melissa and her staff, we would have NEVER got a fair settlement. Or any settlement at all. Don’t kid yourself. Insurance company’s are not going to play nice. You have to have the someone to fight for you! We always felt like we were standing behind a giant fighting a bully. Our family is doing fine now, and we truly love Melissa Carter, her staff, and everything they have done for the us.

Michael [posted on]

My wife was hit by a drunk driver January 19, 2014 as we were walking from the restaurant to our car after the Seahawks vs 49ers game (almost hit me as well).  She was unconscious for 30min after hitting her head on the pavement.  After a number of people and even doctors assured us she “only” had a concussion and would be fine in a few weeks we realized that was not the case.  The system is hard to navigate and there is no one to advocate for you but yourself.  After talking to a doctor friend and some TBI groups.  I kept getting the same answer for a lawyer specializing in head injuries,  Adler-Giersch!

I had a consultation and was relieved to find someone that understood the injury and was able to give valuable guidance even before officially hiring Arthur Leritz.  They have a caring and professional team approach towards their clients, from the first contact, Debbie (Arthur’s right hand) to Arthur himself.  Their experience as lawyers  in the head injury community gave me insights into the options of treatments for her condition and helped me set realistic expectations when discussing treatment with her doctors.

What started out as a simple case became more complex with multiple parties involved in the claims process.  I could not have done it myself  but they were really good at keeping me in the loop all along the way.  We ended up exceeding our expectations in resolving the claims for present and future care.  We would highly recommend Adler Giersch and get some peace of mind knowing they will take good care of you and they will take care of everything else too!

Tom [posted on]

After getting into an auto accident that caused me to undergo back surgery, I was at a loss on what to do next.  A family member recommended Adler Giersch in Everett and I am glad she did!  Jacob Gent handled my case and was great to work with.  My biggest complaint in this day and age is the lack of communication.  I am happy to say Mr. Gent was always there to answer questions and provide me with updates on the case.  My case was not exactly the easiest to represent and he explained the difficulties we’d be facing upfront.  It took some time to reach a settlement but in the end he handled everything and I am grateful for it.  I appreciated his honesty and integrity and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.