ESPN SportsCenter Special Report on Zackery Lystedt and Safety in the NFL

Whether you are a sports fan or not, when ESPN covers a story, people listen. This is especially true the week before the Super Bowl, so when ESPN chose a special story to air during the week leading up to the big game, you just know it is important and a ‘must see.’ Last week ESPN travelled to Maple Valley, WA to do an interview with Zackery Lystedt and his parents, Victor and Mercedes, as part of a special report for its “SportsCenter” television show. The report focused on “Safety in the NFL,” and the recent and future rule and equipment changes to make the game safer for players at all levels and ages. The change started in Washington and with Zackery Lystedt. Two years ago the NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, came to Seattle, WA as an Honorary Chair of the Brain Injury Association of Washington’s Annual Fundraising Gala. Mr. Goodell met Zack, medical specialists, and advocates and credits this visit with changes we are now seeing in the NFL. The 45 minute episode on ESPN contains a 5 minute feature story on the Lystedts, the law named after him, the Brain Injury Association of Washington, and how the NFL is changing the game. Zack’s story is one worthy of your time and one that will warm your heart.

Richard H. Adler Participates in Movie Trailer for “A Not So Still Life”

Richard H. Adler, Chairman of the Brain Injury Association of Washington, was invited to participate in a movie trailer for “A Not So Still Life,” an inspirational documentary of hope and triumph of local artist and traumatic brain injury survivor, Ginny Ruffner. This is an amazing story with a heartwarming message of never giving up and following your passion in life. It’s a 2-thumbs up documentary.

BIAWA was very fortunate to have Ginny Ruffner as the keynote speaker at the Brain Injury Association of Washington’s 5th annual Gala, Dinner, and Auction last October at the Grand Hyatt Seattle.

If you are interesting in obtaining a copy of the movie, simply contact Adler Giersch at 206.682.0300 or email

A Not So Still Life TBI Testimonial