Chiropractic Testimony

Chiropractic Testimony: Presenting Chiropractic Neurology at Trial

For today’s chiropractor there is a new and exciting way to present the work and effectiveness of chiropractic treatment for chronic pain and trauma patients when testifying in court. This new information allows you to take your understanding to a new level in the field of chiropractic neurology. This video presentation illustrates the vital information through a mock trial process with the help of two well-known trial attorneys. The video also includes the basic of trial testimony and preparation for direct examination among other essential topics.


Chiropractic Testimony: Deposition and Trial

As a chiropractor, you may be asked to testify as to the magnitude of injuries that some of your patients have sustained. While chiropractors are trained health care professionals, most are not familiar as to the workings inside the legal arena. This video presentation informs chiropractors about how to handle the legal component of their injury patients’ cases and takes the fears out of the courtroom scenario that is all too common when chiropractors have to testify.


Chiropractic Testimony: Common Cross Examination Questions

This video presentation simulates the cross-examination of the treating chiropractor exploring the forensic aspects of cross-examination, direct examination and deposition. The purpose of the video is to help chiropractors understand the cross-examination process and eliminate some of the fears associated with such testimony.