Neck & Back Injuries

Across Washington state, people who have sustained traumatic neck and back injuries have found the compassion and expertise of a personal injury attorney from Adler Giersch PS with in-depth knowledge of neck and back injuries to be their most important asset.

An injury to your neck or back can be extremely painful and debilitating. Because the neck and back are structurally complex, they can be easily damaged in a traumatic situation. Neck and back injuries are the second most common cause of visits to the doctor. They are also the most frequent reason people miss work. In the Puget Sound, neck and back injuries happen to people every day in automobile collisions, slip and falls, or work related incidents.

The experienced personal injury recovery attorneys at Adler Giersch PS understand how accident forces cause tearing and stretching of muscles, tissues, tendons and ligaments, how the pads of cartilage between each vertebrae in your spine can be damaged or torn, the discs can be herniated or protrude, nerves damaged and the bones of the spine fractured.

Depending on the nature and severity of the injury there are many types of treatment the injured person may require over a period of months, even years. These treatment modalities may include chiropractic, massage, physical therapy, neurology, orthopedics, acupuncture, physiatry, medication, even injections and surgical intervention.

You need a highly skilled personal injury attorney who will be able to help you get the treatment you will need to recover and compensation for the income lost and other expenses incurred during your rehabilitation.

A top rated personal injury attorney from the top rated law firm* of Adler Giersch PS will work to ensure your medical expenses will be covered and fight to obtain additional compensation for the change in the quality of your life ( commonly known as pain and suffering) from your injuries and limitations.