Automobile Accidents

The bustling Puget Sound region can be overwhelming when it comes to traffic accidents, commuter congestion and road hazards. Physical and emotional injuries occur when people make mistakes operating motor vehicles. These mistakes can be impacted by other factors such as the consumption of alcohol or drugs or the use of a cell phone.

The Anatomy of an Auto Accident Causing Personal Injury

The nature and extent of the injuries in an automobile accident vary depending on a multitude of factors such as the direction and location of the impact, the speed of the impact, the type of vehicle, the type and placement of the headrest, whether the person was surprised or aware of the impending collision, the direction the person was facing at the time of the impact, and whether any part of their body hit anything in the car.

Representing All Types of Personal Injury Cases in Washington State for those Injured in an Accident

The injuries themselves can range from whiplash to joints including the knees, shoulders, wrists, hips, ankles, jaw, to brain/head injury, hearing loss, spinal cord injury, post traumatic stress disorder, broken bones, burns, scars, damage to organs and reproductive systems, and more.